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30 second donation commercial for Goodwill Industries - Suncoast Two minute branding video for The University of Tampa Athletics Department 30 second Halloween commercial for Goodwill Industries - Suncoast 30 second commercial for Florida Medical Clinic Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Geoffrey Cronen Long form training video for Publix Super Markets

Goodwill "Jeans"

Goodwill "Harry"

FMC "Cronen"

"Dynamic Selling"

"The Heart of a Spartan"


:30 Local Television Spot

Producer, Director, Editor & Animation


Sometimes our clients come to us with ideas that - at first - seem a little out there.


“So we’ve got this spider named Harry and, well, he’s kind of a dork.  Can you help us make him cool?”


Of course we’re always up for a challenge.  So working very closely with the client we helped craft a look (a world really) where even the meekest of arachnids can groove on their inner vampire.


Well done, Harry!


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