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30 second donation commercial for Goodwill Industries - Suncoast Two minute branding video for The University of Tampa Athletics Department 30 second Halloween commercial for Goodwill Industries - Suncoast 30 second commercial for Florida Medical Clinic Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Geoffrey Cronen Long form training video for Publix Super Markets

Goodwill "Jeans"

Goodwill "Harry"

FMC "Cronen"

"Dynamic Selling"

"The Heart of a Spartan"


:30 Local Television Spot

Producer, Director, Co-writer & Editor

We like to think of ourselves as clever folks, and we like to think that we come up with some pretty good ideas...but that's not to say we always have the best idea.


Case in point: Goodwill "Jeans".  The client came to us with a great tagline, "Do these jeans make my heart look big?"  From there we crafted a script and a look and VIOLA we win a Silver Telly Award (their highest honor) for Local Non-profit Spot, and a Bronze Telly Award for Scriptwriting...which, of course, we shared with our client. :)


Who doesn't love hardware?



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