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Production, artfully done.

What is Thorn Television? Really, it’s a question of who rather than what. Stay with me here.

My name is Mark Thorn, and I am the President and Executive Producer of Thorn Television, Inc. Though I made it official in 2015, I’ve been making videos and television shows since 1994 when a small boutique video production firm took a chance on a newly minted college graduate. Throughout subsequent corporate jobs with Raymond James & Associates, Publix Super Markets and Cingular Wireless, and a nine-year detour into daily live television, “doing my own thing” was always the brass ring.

I believe we do things, and don’t do things, largely because of our own experiences. So, when I started Thorn Television, I knew I wanted to keep it small and agile. Sure, I wanted to keep the overhead down, but I preferred the flexibility of partnering with whomever I believed was right for the job for which I was hired. While I produce, write, direct, and edit, there are so many great DPs, Colorists, and Animators (et al.) out there so why lock myself in to a partner or statutory employees? Also, I felt, then and still, I could provide a better value to my clients without having to support some large, money-ravenous machine.

None of this means we don’t take on big gigs. Of course we do. The beauty of having been at this for as long as I have lies in the relationships I’ve developed over the years. Whether you just need a guy and a camera or an agency experience, this company has you covered. As you’ll see the work speaks for itself.

So poke around. Watch some clips. Read about what went on behind the scenes. I’d love to hear about your project and discuss how Thorn Television can help bring it to life.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Enjoy this tasty mashup of projects we’ve worked on lately. Uncle Ted approved!

Checkers & Rally's

Welcome to the Checkers and Rally’s Family! Enjoy this delicious onboarding video with a side of craveable seasoned fries!  (1:51)


In this shortened-for-time episode of Vein911, Vein Care Guru and all around great guy Dr. Chris Pittman treats AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Player Traci Callahan. (4:18)

Goodwill "Jeans"

There’s good karma in your genes…err…jeans. (:30)

The other Thorn Television

As luck would have it we’re not the only Thorn Television in the world and we learned this after launching our first site back in 2016. It seems that, at some point, there was a chain of Australian-based rent-to-own centers that operated under the same name. We didn’t know this until we started receiving emails though our website from Thorn Television customers asking where they could order new TV remotes. Ever the diplomats, we keep a pre-composed email on hand explaining who we are and directing them to the proper site.

That all said, we found this spot from what we suppose was their Scandinavian operation and it has become clear to us that we share a name and a sense of humor. Enjoy!

Thorn Television Logo

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