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We fancy ourselves as creative types, but that doesn’t mean we always have the best idea. Sometimes folks come to us with a thought, concept, or line that needs a little help out of its cocoon. We find it immensely satisfying partnering with our clients on creative because that shared ownership raises the enjoyment of the production experience exponentially. Such was the case with “Jeans.”

One afternoon, our client with Goodwill Suncoast called to say that she had a line on which to build a spot. It was a simple tongue-in-cheek play on a cliché that many of us have asked or wondered to ourselves, “Do these jeans make my heart look big?” By changing one word, our client took a silly and vain idea and transformed it into something sweet, heart-warming, and relatable. Suffice it to say we knew we we’re working with something special. Our client asked us to flesh out the idea, and a few drafts later we had the working copy for a 30-second spot.

“I’ve found there’s nothing like working with someone who ‘gets it’ right off the bat – and that’s Mark Thorn of Thorn Television. He’s super smart, super creative, very patient and always delivers when he says he will. I can’t imagine ever working with any other company!”

Jennifer Fleming
Fmr.  Sr. Creative & Media Relations Mgr.
Goodwill Industries-Suncoast

We’d be in production just a few weeks later, but first we had to find our lead. Most of our auditions are fairly straightforward: you look over the actor’s head shot and resumé, make some small talk and they read a few lines. For this project though, we had to ask, “Are you willing to get undressed in front of a bunch of production guys?” Thankfully, the wonderfully talented and ever-lovely Michele Yeager cautiously agreed, and soon after we had a Telly-winning spot on our hands.

Enjoy our “Jeans” spot below along with a few more examples of spots on which we’ve had the pleasure to partner.