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Whether you like watching folks decorate cakes, renovate old homes, or fish for king crabs in the Bering Sea, it seems there’s a reality television show for just about everyone these days. So when a local esteemed vein doctor asked us to help build him a TV show we said, “Two things: what time and what do I wear?”

Like with many of our clients, what started out as just another job became our first step into a much bigger world. Dr. Chris Pittman is as passionate about helping folks feel great as he is about the method he employs. You see rather than what would alternatively be painful surgery, Dr. Pittman uses ultrasound to guide a tiny needle into the diseased vein. A medical grade foam is then injected into the vein causing it to collapse and die. The dead vein is absorbed by the surrounding tissue resulting in the relief of symptoms and much prettier legs!

Now, this alone a good TV show does not make. In fact at the get-go we were somewhat skeptical this concept would be of interest to viewers and, more importantly, we weren’t sure that Dr. Pittman and his staff had the “It” factor to hold an audience. Happily, we were wrong on both points. We found Dr. Pittman to be as affable and comfortable in front of the camera as he is in the exam room and we think it’s just a matter of time before he’s the next Dr. Pimple Popper.

Have a look at a few of the segments we produced for the pilot and if you have tired, achy, unsightly legs, then by all means give Vein911 a call!